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   Contact Us                             Office phone 320-875-4341

 Our office staff is always ready to assist you.  Give us a call.
Jim Falk  -  CEO
This door is always open.
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After 37 years in business, we have had the chance to meet a lot of really great people who have helped Falk's Seed Farm become the business that we are today.  A special thanks to our customers, seed growers, employees, business associates, and our close friends and neighbors.
 Jim & Karen Falk 
 Becky  Nielsen -  Office Manager
Plant Manger - Sean Maus
Warehouse Manager - Corey Nielsen
Marketing - Andrew Falk
We are in the process of transitioning to a new email system.  The transition process will take time and we assume we will have some issues.  Therefore, we want you to call us, or email us at as we phase out the email.  We apologize for the confusion in this transition. 

Please use the email below as we phase out the use of in the future.  Call if you have any questions or problems with email communications. 

Thank you for your interest in Falk's Seed Farm, Inc.
To contact us please reach us via:

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Falk's Seed Farm, Inc.


1170 Highway 9 NE

Murdock MN 56271


Tel 320-875-4341

Fax 320-875-4342

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