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Products                 Quality Seed - Reasonably Priced     

After more than 38 years of working with seed industry leaders, and many major seed companies, Falk's Seed Farm has access to almost any seed that is available for sale.  This includes private seed companies and certified public seed, nationwide.  The most important part about having built these relationships for more than 38 years, is the professional information we can provide to you about your specific seed request. 
Certified Seed

Falk's Seed Farm is a MCIA (Minnesota Crop Improvement Association) approved processing facility.  MCIA is the official agency and regulatory authority for all seed certified in Minnesota.  FSF is honored to be a Foundation Seed Production Facility for MCIA, distributing Foundation Seed Stock to other MCIA members throughout the state.   

Falk's Seed Farm has built it's reputation of providing the best quality of certified seed to our customers!  Certification with MCIA is an official verification of the quality of the seed we are providing to our customers. 

Private Seed

We Can't List Them All - But Here Are A Few of the Companies We Sell.

Mustang Seed                                       Shooting Star Native

Viking Seed                                           Twin City Seed

DeKalb Seed                                         Asgrow Seed

Agassiz Seed                                         LG Seed

Dynagro Seed                                        Syngenta Seed

Millborn Seed                                        


FSF Seed

Falk's Seed Farm has several varieties and brands of Non-GMO and Organic Seed that we do contract seed production for to export to the Asian market.  The premiums vary for each variety, but are very attractive for those growers who can deliver a quality product to us.

Call for seed contract details for production.

Forage - Cover Crops - CRP

Falk's Seed Farm specializes in every forage option available.

Alfalfa - Red Clover - Pasture Mix Grasses - Sorghum - Millet - Brome - Orchard grass - Forage Perennial Ryegrass - Tall Fescue - Timothy - WE JUST CAN'T LIST THEM ALL.

COVER CROPS - Options for spring to fall  - give us a call.

CRP SEED - We carry the native seeds required for MN specs.

CLICK on the IMAGE for the LINK


Our goal is to offer the best seed options for Profit Per Acre on
your farm, including options for premiums for seed & export.  

Want the BEST TRAITED PRODUCTS?  CALL 320-875-4341

We have lots of seed options to sell you.  Ask about what corn we plant on our farm.


Enlist E3 Soybeans - Proven Performance

Exceptional Yield - Unsurpassed Weed Control - Volatility Near ZERO

Just look at the perfect weed control!


What's the basic proven solution to weed resistance and insect resistance?


We can help with Small Grains and Conventional Corn and Conventional Soybeans

Straws Bales Warrior 4.jpg

Warrior Oats - Tons of Straw

Combine Warrior Oats 3.jpg

Warrior Oats - 140 bu/acre

Warrior Oats is just one example of the many small grain options available from FSF.

MN Pearl Oats is our #1 selling variety, with the highest yield potential, and the most straw. 

Consider Non-GMO Food-grade Soybeans to combat weed resistance on your farm

Food-grade soybeans offer huge opportunities for PROFIT PER ACRE, while combating Roundup resistance.  The fact is Roundup herbicide resistance is a big problem.  Why pay for a technology that doesn't deliver results?  Planting conventional soybeans, that offer big premiums, is a great way to mix up your chemical program so Roundup can be effective again.    

FSF specializes in being a professional processor for Food-Grade and Organic Markets.

We have seed contracts for US and overseas markets.


Call for details on seed contracts for raising Non-GMO soybeans. 

Variety Specific - Delivered at Harvest - CALL 320-875-4341    

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