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MCIA Foundation Seed Oats at Falk Seed

Falk's Seed Farm is proud to be a MCIA Foundation grower/processor for new crops developed at the University of Minnesota.

MCIA is the official seed certification agency in Minnesota for all seed labeled as "Certified Seed" sold in Minnesota.  Falk's Seed Farm became a member of MCIA in 1983, and our focus has been to deliver the best quality "Certified Seed" to our customers ever since.  The relationship we have with MCIA, in production and new product testing, is one of great respect.  MCIA has a rich history of crop improvement and the development and release of new and better genetics for over a hundred years.  However, the evolution of MCIA, as one of the most respected seed certification agencies, continues with added services for many third party verification systems, including Organic Certification.  MCIA is a member organization providing important unbiased third party analysis for the services they provide and the data our ag sector needs.  


Public and Private Seed Contract Production and Processing
At Falk's Seed Farm, we do it all, start to finish.  Professional services in every step, from seed grower contracts, to the finished product.  MCIA APPROVED SEED CONDITIONING FACILITY    

Non-GMO Seed & Export Soybeans offer HUGE PREMIUMS

to those growers who can deliver a quality product at harvest.


Everybody does.  But how do you get it?

Disclaimer - Falk's Seed Farm does not sell any herbicides or fertilizer.  However, we are asked every year about what we use on our farm as a herbicide program.  We are glad to share our experiences of successes and failures over the years, but we always recommend that the grower discuss a herbicide and fertilizer program with their agronomy provider.  However, we believe that good communication with FSF, for those growers, under a seed contract with FSF, will be beneficial if all parties understand the objective to have good weed control, good fertility, and also for those seed growers under contract for E3 Enlist Soybeans, that all herbicide spray requirements have been met under a seed production contract.

1 - Match the right herbicide for your potential weed issues.

2 - The timing of every application of the herbicide is critical for success.

3 - A herbicide program of pre-plant, pre-emerge, & post spray is recommended. 


Non-GMO FS891 Soybean Seed

The FS891 soybeans in the picture were grown on the field just east of the seed plant.  The pre-emerge herbicide worked well on this field, and the post spray I'm doing in this picture, was right on time to get excellent control.  The drought stress, and lack of rain to activate chemicals, created challenges for growers of both Non-GMO and GMO soybeans.  Incorporating  a grass herbicide will provide a better chance the herbicide will be active and able to control the weeds. 

Professional Services 


Falk's Seed Farm installed

the 1st robotic palletizer in

a seed application 

in the USA.

Click on the image to

the right to enlarge.

Our Commitment to customer service is our top priority.

We know how important your time is, so we have put forth the best scheduling protocols so we can load you quickly and efficiently!  Please call ahead to schedule pickup and delivery times.

Custom Processing?  We do it all the time.  

Facility information:

1 - We have 2 processing lines with high-tech equipment, including robotic palletizing and color sorter.

2 - Onsite bulk storage with 71 hopper bins and 13 grain bins totaling 320,000 bushels of storage capacity.

3 - 26,000 feet of warehouse floor space with 3 loading docks.

4 -  A committed loyal staff of employees with years of experience.

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