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Organic / Food-grade Products & Services

Organic Seed is required to be planted on your organic farm if organic seed is available.
Don't put your organic plan at risk by not planting organic seed.  Falk's Seed farm will go the extra mile to find the organic seed you are looking for.  In addition to the many organic crops and varieties that we have on hand, we have an extensive network of organic seed suppliers that we also work with.  The demand for organic seed is strong, because of the demand for organic food and feed products.  If after our search, organic seed is unavailable, we will supply you with non-GMO seed and the necessary paperwork needed for your certification requirements. 

We recommend that you place your order early to allow us enough time to secure the organic seed you are wanting.  Working together, we help establish a network where seed companies are able to supply more and better varieties to the organic grower.  Everyone wins when we are able to supply the best varieties for the farmer and the end-user.

Please be advised that you may be at risk of violating PVP* laws on protected varieties if you distribute protected varieties to other growers.  Give us a call if you need help understanding the seed law and PVP* requirements.    
Plant the Best - Plant Certified Organic - Certified Seed

Falk's Seed Farm is certified through MCIA for organic processing of seed and grain.

Dual certification means the seed is certified seed and also certified organic;  two separate certification requirements.

PVP* seed laws apply to seed

sold as organic that is a PVP* variety. 

Organic Bags.jpg

Contact our qualified staff with your organic questions.  FSF has been involved with organic growers, organic buyers, and organic processing for over 20 years.

We are professionals at connecting organic farmers with buyers.  We have exported organic soybeans and organic wheat to Asian and European costumers. 

Organic crops are in high demand today.  Back in 2005 organic soybeans were worth about $18.00/bu, which was about 2.5 times the value of market soybeans.  These pictures are from seed production fields at FSF in 2005.  The weed control was pretty good.

In 2021, organic soybeans prices were over $30.00/bu.

The demand is strong for food-grade and organic crops.

Organic beans June 2005.jpg
Organic beans July 2005.jpg
Food-grade non-GMO soybeans offer HUGE PREMIUMS & you're not restricted on herbicide applications.  Fight RR weed resistance, and get paid a premium to do it.
Building relationships, and delivering a quality product, is the key to our success.  Falk's Seed Farm has hosted numerous visits from our overseas buyers.  


It's all about the opportunity to add value to your farm operation with premiums for growing a crop that is in demand.

GIVE FSF A CALL at 320-875-4341.

*PVP - Plant Variety Protection Act - Unauthorized propagation is prohibited.

Selling any varieties protected under PVP law is prohibited and subject to legal

action if the sale is not in compliance with certification requirements.

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